August 6, 2009

Polymer Clay For A Cause

Today I found out about a great store on It's called "Polymer Clay For A Cause".

Angela started her store in honor of her daughter, Courtney. Courtney was an artist at heart, but Muscular Dystrophy wouldn't let her create things on her own. Angela found a way to make Courtney's art happen. Courtney would tell Angela stories and Angela would make the characters out of polymer clay. It became their passions.

Courtney passed away at 14. Now Angela honor's her daughter's love of art through "Polymer Clay For A Cause". All proceeds are donated to children's charities.

Angela accepts art pieces as donations to sell in the store. So all you artists our there, perhaps you could donate something for a worthy cause. How about it?

Not an artist? No problem. Stop by the store and buy a great piece of art and help support the charities.

If you don't do anything else, please help spread the word about this great cause.