June 30, 2011

ooooooo Something New!

Well as promised, 
here is my newest Root Witch, 
Wind Dancer

She started out as something totally different.

Then when I began sculpting, those eyes started speaking to me 

 She managed to lift my spirits on a day when I almost thought it was impossible to feel peace.

She has been hanging around to reminding me the only reason I can't dance on the wind is because I don't believe. 

Every day she greets me with her arms outstretched, 
offering her wisdom and love. 
Tempting me to believe...

She has been a wonderful companion 
and now I'd like to share her with you. 
Three days only.
No reserve

I hope you enjoy her.
More to come tomorrow. 

Moonbeams & Blessings
Jesi, McAnally & Leannan Sidhe

(Shelly.. I haven't forgotten you *smiles*) 

Ha ha! 2 minutes left!

Two minutes left and I am making my Wednesday post! Bwa ha ha !!!  I didn't miss my schedule!
Here's a quick preview of a piece I'm posting tomorrow.

I'll give you the details tomorrow. :)