June 28, 2011

I'm not a zombie...

I have not returned from the grave; just from some rather intense medical procedures. Sorry to have been quiet for so long...But I'm sure you'd rather not talk about that. I know I'd rather skip the whole conversation. LOL Let's just say I'm better than I have been in a LONG TIME and I plan to stay this way. 

Let's grab a cup of something yummy and catch up, shall we? 

Lets see, since we talked last McAnally and I have decided to bring a new fuzzybaby into the house. Her name is Leannan Sidhe and she was 4 weeks old yesterday. 

She lives with our neighbor and has been coming to visit for the last two weeks. She's a quiet girl, but she has attitude. McAnally thinks she is great. He does, however, think she needs a kitty makeover and is doing his best to give her one when they aren't playing hid-n-seek. LOL

The music man and I went to Allentown Art Festival June 11th. Wow! what fun! So many artists with amazing works. And the food was yummy too :)  We had a wonderful time talking to the artists and grabbing up some goodies. 

We bought some lovely cards from Kevin Stone at  FlyingWhaleStudios. They are from the Rural Blight Collection. I just fell in love with "Louder Sang The Ghost" & "The Things We Lost".  We picked up 6 in all and they are framed and  hanging on my kitchen wall. I couldn't bear to send them once I got them home. LOL I WILL be buying some larger prints from that collection. I LOVE IT! 

Check out these rockin' airship ornaments by Joe Sturckler! If you love them like I do, you can contact him HERE (click for email) 

The Music Man had to DRAG me away from James Browne's booth
I SO want to buy everything he has for my studio. It just puts me in that magical frame of mind. But out of all the lovelies he has, "Moon Sitting" is my absolute fave! I WILL have a copy of that for my studio. Perhaps then my muse will get the hint and Moon Sit me :)

We took a tour of the Trinity Church in BuffaloThe windows in this church are AMAZING! My photos do not do them justice. 

I could go on and on about things we saw, but I'll save some of it for later. 

It's good to be back.  I'll have some new pieces to show you very soon. So be sure to check back in.  

My plan is to post at least on Monday, Wed & Friday. Anyone who knows me knows I ALWAYS have something to talk about. LOL
 So lets see how good I am at keeping my schedule. 

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Moonbeams & Blessings
Jesi, McAnally & Leannan Sidhe