October 26, 2012

Come see me at the show!!

That's right! I'm making my big Buffalo/Niagara personal debut at the Buffalo Women's Gifts show 

I'm so excited! 
 This place is amazing! 

Up until now, my work has just been in a few shops. 
This is my first real live in person show here in NY. 

The studio looks like a hurricane hit it. 
( So no photos right now LOL )  
I'm going to be bringing some 1:12 scale dolls, 
the Crescent Creatures, some root witches 
and who knows who else will sneak as I'm packing. 

I'm going to have a lot of pieces for $25 and under, as well as some of my larger pieces. So stop by and take a look around.  
I love meeting new new friends & catching up with old ones.