January 17, 2011

Welcome Wise Woman #1 of 2011

There's a new Wise Woman on my work bench. I'm not sure what her name is or much about her yet. She's been rather quiet. She spends a lot of time whispering to Poe, my raven muse that sits on my book case. I think they might be planning something, but I'm not sure.

WIP #W1-2011
She's not dressed yet, but I don't think modesty is a problem for her. She muttered something under her breath about "take a good look." But I'm not sure if I heard her right.

She seems a bit feisty if I do say so myself. She wasn't supposed to be a full body doll, but she pitched a fit ( southern girls know what I mean ) until I promised to finish her out.

Now she's waiting to have her "spray tan" finished and get some clothes on over those wrinkles. LOL

I have to let her wander through the fabric and pick out some clothes. I'm sure if I did it it wouldn't be the right one. She seems rather outspoken and opinionated. I like that in her. LOL I think perhaps she will talk a bit more now that I kept my promise of a full body so that she can wander around the studio.

She looks a bit intimidating they way she stands, but when I look into her eyes I think she may have a real heart of gold. Tell me what you think.

I'll keep you posted on our progress. Tomorrow we start on her tan and doing something about that lack of hair! LOL

Thanks for stopping in. I hope you check back soon for an update.

Moonbeams & Blessings
Jesi & Mac ~ who has learned to open the kitchen cabinets... *rolls her eyes**