August 31, 2009

Moving again - but not far

Well, my little studio is moving again. My daughter and her family have been staying with us until their house was ready. Well, they are moving into their home this week. I'm sad to see them go. No more pitter patter of little feet. ::insert heartbroken grandma sigh here:: But they are excited about their new place and it will be an adventure for them.

Meanwhile, will be moving my studio into their vacated space. I'm cleaning and re-arranging things this week. Music Man( hubby) thinks I've lost my mind. He doesn't understand how many time I can reposition things on shelves. LOL

Anyway, I promise to post photos once I get things in place. I love looking at photos of artists studios. It tells you things that they don't. LOL Let's hope mine doesn't whisper all my secrets!

Moonbeams & Blessings,