August 18, 2015

Old Crow Womin

Old Crow Womin went outside yesterday and said goodbye to the murder of crows that kept her company while she was coming into being in the studio. 

Each day they greeted her with calls bright and crisp.
They told her of their flights and their adventures.

She whispered back to them her wisdom and her secrets.

She told them of a womin that she must go to.

A womin of great love and clarity who was in need of her support and her knowing ways.

She told the crows that this woman was a crow at heart and would welcome them all into her world.

There they would bring crow magic to the woman in her time of need.

The plans were set.

So now they travel.


Old Crow Womin is a commissioned piece that will be residing in Pennsylvania, USA with a lovely woman of wisdom and magic.  I am sure the two of them will whisper crow magic and spread love and light to all who meet them.

Much love my Crow Sister
I am blessed to call you friend.

and the Wild Wimmin of Once Upon A Moon