February 14, 2011

She has hair!!!

For all of you who have been oh so patiently waiting from my newest Wild Woman to be finished. I thank you.
She has finally picked out her clothes, her accessories and has a lovely new hairstyle. And she announced today that her name is "Mother Herb"  in honor of my dear friend & soul sister, Cerri Ellis. (http://www.cerriellis.viviti.com)   Stay out of the pyramids, girlfriend!  (long LONG story LOL)  

Without further ado, here is a quickie photo of "Mother Herb" 

She is wearing a long green under dress with a paisley over skirt. 
Her shawl is hand woven by me. 
She carries a basket of green things gathered in the forest. 
She walks with a staff, for her days are many upon the earth. 
Around her waist there is a turtle shell pouch. 
( made by Barbara Kopang of https://www.oddestgoddess.com/ ) 
Mother Herb's feet are bare so that she can stay grounded and close to the earth. 

My blog readers and Facebook friends are getting a sneak peak tonight. 
If you are interested in her, feel free to email me.

As always I'd love to have your feedback on "Mother Herb"

Until tomorrow,
Moonbeams & Blessings
Jesi & Mac, the snoring kitty