January 9, 2011

Sorry for the change in background ... again....

For those of you who check in regularly, I would like to apologize for the revolving door of backgrounds you have seen here lately. Really I'm not as indecisive as it seems.  LOL

When I find a background/ template I like, something manages to go wrong with it and I find that my blog looks like it was designed by monkeys.  (No offense to the flying monkeys - you know I'll always love ya!) 

So it's time to take things into my own hands and make my own background/layout. That way if it goes wrong there will be no one to blame but me. (and Mac of course )

So my project for tonight and tomorrow is to make my blog truly my home and decorate it!

This could be an adventure, so stick around. :) I'll keep you posted.

Moonbeams & Blessings,
Jesi & Mac (who is not helping.. again)

Sunday Sketches

All week long I doodle in my sketch book and no one ever sees them but me. So today I want to start something new, Sketchpad Sunday.  Each Sunday I'll add the new things from my sketchbook so that you get a glimpse into where my mind goes as it wanders through the day. 

I'm not a great sketch artist, but I enjoy it and it helps me keep ideas fresh in my mind. There could be doodles, doll ideas, notes to my self and any number of odd things. One of which may be Mac's signature from time to time. LOL He enjoys helping me sketch. 

So here goes. This is my sketch book from today. 

 Click picture for a larger image

Tomorrow I'll show you the beginnings of something new.
Until then enjoy what's left of the weekend!

Moonbeams & Blessings
Jesi & Mac (who is asleep in the closet)