July 7, 2010

Sr. T.H. McAnally has arrived!

This hansom gentleman is  Sr. T.H. McAnally. I know his name is a bit different, but it's a code version of his Peculiar name. (not to be confused with his Jellicle name which no one knows but him - for an explination visit here: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats )

Sr, stands for Speed Racer - T.H. is for Tim Horton's, where he was rescued, and McAnally is from the bar in the series of books Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files.

We just call him Mac for short. :)

Mac moved in with us two days ago and has taken over the duties of ridding the house of anything fuzzy, fluffy or misplaced on the floor. He is very diligent about guarding us from evil birds that lurk outside the window too. He is currently making sure that no one steals my recliner, by throwing his body on it and sleeping. :)

He is an absolute doll! (But don't let him here that. It threatens his macho side.)  He was a big brave kitty surviving on his own outside when he was only tiny and barely able to eat. But he has street smarts and a serious swagger, so he got by, even if he was just skin and bones. Then a nice lady named Pam rescued him. She fed him really well and loved him a lot. Then she took him to the vet where he gave up the possibility of passing along his genes, if you know what I mean.   Now he's all up to date on his shots and has come to live with us. 

He is showing interest in doll making and has adopted a perch just over my work table where he can supervise.Right now we are working on our entry for the ADO Blog Event - Wonderland. Stop by tomorrow when you can see how we did. :)

I'm sure you'll be hearing from Mac from time to time. He definitely has opinions on most everything.

Moonbeams & Blessings,
Jesi & Mac