May 10, 2012

Now There Be Dragons!!!!

There is a new group of beings at Once-Upon-A-Moon. 
They are called Crescent Creatures. 

Each and every time a TRULY heartfelt wish is made while looking at the moon, a little magic slips down to earth on a moonbeam and a Crescent creature is brought to life. 

Crescent Creatures are tiny beings that are born with the sole purpose of helping to make wishes come true. You can tell you have a real Crescent Creature by the crescent moon "tattooed" in moonlight on their tushie! 

This is Sprig, the first Crescent Creature. 

He is a mini dragon. (Thanks to the urging of Pam Gileda Small )

Don't forget, Mac and I love it when you "Pin" our photos, so feel free. 

Moonbeams & Blessings, 
Jesi  &  Mac, 
bug slayer extraordinaire 

May 6, 2012

Faerie Garden Mother seeks New Garden To Love

Yesterday, while searching for the perfect place to plant some daisies, I was shocked to hear a rather melodious voice say, “They would look lovely just beyond that bush, Dear. And they would have plenty of sunlight.” 

I looked around for the person giving advice, but it seemed I was quite alone. Then again the voice sang out, “I’m down hear, Dear, by the stump.” 

I shifted my gaze towards the base of a fallen tree and there in the grass smiling up at me was a tiny lady. “Silvana Bindweed, Faerie Garden Mother, at your service,” she said with a wink. 

I smiled and curtsied, for that is what you do when you meet a fairy. “Merry Meet, Silvana Bindweed. I am Jesi…”

“Merry Meet, child,” she said with a smile. I know you are. I was hoping to meet you.” 

“I’m honored, but why would a Faerie Garden Mother be looking for me?” I asked. (Well a girl needs to know why faeries are looking for her. It’s an important thing, seeing as I am the faerie liaison for Once-Upon-A-Moon”

“I’m looking for a new garden and I thought you might be able to help. Would you post this on your computer and see if anyone is looking for a Faerie Garden Mother? People are so busy with computers these days they forget there’s magic just waiting for them to believe.” 

“I’d be happy to, Lady Bindweed.” I said. 

She thanked me and I hurried into take care of her request. (You can’t keep a Master Faerie Godmother waiting, you know) 

So here is her resume and some photos. I have also included some extra information that I thought might be helpful in deciding if you would like to give this lovely lady a new home.            



· Magical ability to speak with plants
· Has an exceptional Green thumb (although not visible – it can be verified with references) 
· Love of all growing things; especially plant, children and animals
· Excellent listener (especially over tea!) 
· Works well with unruly plants and shrubs 
· Degree in garden medicine (advanced studies in repairing chemical damage)

Asks little in return except for 
· The occasional sweet biscuit 
· Good tea in a pretty cup
· Unconditional love


· Puff The Magic Dragon
· Glenda, The Good Witch
· The Tooth Fairy
· Mother Nature

Please reply to:

Silvana Bindweed – Master Faerie Garden Mother
C/o Jesi Ferguson

You can find Silvana in my Etsy Store