July 24, 2010

Tas-Elmish - Looking for a home on eBay

Tas-Elmish is looking for a new home. He's having fun in my garden, but he is kind of looking for a special  garden of his own.  Would you like to welcome Tas into your house? Just pop on over to eBay and place a bid. He's starting out at $25 but you can snag him on a buy it now for $50. Shipping is only $10 for priority (in the US)  Here's the link to the auction  Tas-Elmish Auction  
You can always find my auctions by searching for OnceUponAMoonStudio   I hope get a chance to stop by. 

Moonbeams & Blessings 
Jesi & Mac


  1. Hi i visited your beautiful blog. Your creations are very kind and differents :)
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  2. hello,I wish you a beautiful weekend.

  3. Still after time...this is my fav....Tootsie

  4. Of course I need to post here with Tas-Elmish...I took on your idea a bit and finished the window in the bedroom...would love to have you visit...it needs a more of a artisitc butterfly though...on to the next project until something comes up! Tootsie