October 7, 2011

punkies Punkies PUNKIES!!!!!!!!!!!

There's punkies at OnceUponAMoon!
I'm getting in the Halloween spirit and punkies are everywhere!
OK So I went a little punkie crazy
(and I'm not finished yet!) 
The Halloween bug has hit me hard and I'm spending my time on the "Dark Side" of the moon these days.
But I'll post more about that later
For now
I'm getting ready to drop these little cuties off today at 

There are lots of things brewing in the studio.
You might want to consider coming to "THE DARK SIDE"
We've got cookies!
*Evil Grin*


  1. Those are so cute, Jesi!! How big are they? And thank you for the comments on Lord Arsenic... I'm just so amazed at the splash he has made that I really don't know what to say! lol

  2. Thanks, Summer :) The Punkies range from 1" being the smallest to 3.5" for the largest. It's the first time I've done anything small and I really enjoyed it. And I think that Lord Arsenic just rocks!