November 13, 2011

Sketchbook Sunday - 11-13-2011

Well there are new things roaming around in my head these days.  Not sure what this says about me, lol  but things have been getting a bit darker in OnceUponAMoon land. The freaks are wandering out. 
Here's my latest sketch. (please remember, I never said I was a 2d artist! lol) 
I do think he might make an appearance in 3D sometime soon. What do ya think? 


  1. Very cool! You know I wonder since being creatively intuned if we aren't picking up on the energies of society as a whole?
    Because I've gone a little darker myself and I've seen other artists do that recently too yet I don't feel bad or depressed, etc. I'm quite happy! But I'm inspired here lately to create only darker dolls. I still want to make pretty and spiritual things but I'm just not feeling that right now...... It's a thought. What do you think? I'm gonna have to post this on facebook and see what others thoughts on this are :D

  2. Thanks, Summer. I love the discussion you started on facebook. I answered there too. But for those not on facebook:
    I think I'm just moving back to where I originally started, honestly. My first dolls were a bit darker. I've always made witches ( not necessarily dark LOL) But most pieces slipped into the shadows. I think perhaps I'm just not limiting myself to being overly happy. lol Just exploring ALL sides of me these days.

  3. I think it's great to explore the darkness...wonderful things will emerge.

    Is this the kind of tree tht grows on other planets? An alien tree? :)

  4. I don't so much think it's an alien tree as it is things that live here that we "humans" don't take the time to see, or believe exist.

    Kinda makes you think, hmm?