February 18, 2011

The winner is .... well ....

The time had come to draw for winners on my OWOH giveaway. I put all the numbers down on tiny bits of paper and scrunched them into balls. Then I tossed them out on the floor and Mac, the ultimate fetching cat, chose one of the papers to be the winner. He brought it over to me and it was:

# 116 Shelle from sunshineshelles.blogspot.com   from Australia.

However, I have checked with customs in Australia and they won't allow Tas to enter the country. He is made of plant materials and will be destroyed if I mail him. I was crushed.

Sorry Shelle, I had no idea I couldn't get him to you.

But never fear!  I will be making a new piece for Shelle. I have emailed her and will post a photo of the new custom doll  I will be sending her as soon as it is completed.

Thank you all for being a part of OWOH and visiting my blog. I hope you keep stopping in and please leave comments. I love them so...

Moonbeams & Blessings,
Jesi & Mac, who is eagerly awaiting the next giveaway so he can pick the winner again. :)


  1. Ohh I was so excited... Mac needs a big cuddle from me please thank him, he must know I'm an animal lover (cats are pretty intuitive)!!!

    Then sad... surely little Tas-Elmish would protect not harm our fauna, those bad Aussie customs men are the natural born enemies of Sprites :(

    Now well totally utterly freakingly THRILLED!!!!!!! I will email you (& Mac ;)) I just wanted to rush on over here say thank you, THANK YOU on your post!!!

  2. LOL Shelle,

    I'm glad you are happy about getting a custom doll. Tas says he hates that he isn't coming to stay with you, but he will send his love with your new doll. And Mac just did that slow cat blink and went back to sleep in the sunshine. LOL Which translates to... yeah, I knew what I was doing.
    We'll be waiting for your email. :)
    Moonbeams & Blessings